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  1. Middle Target Punch
  2. Upper Target Punch
  3. Rising Block
  4. Double Arm Block
  5. Single Arm Block
  6. Front Stretch
  7. Front Kick
  8. Side Stretch
  9. Side Kick
  10. Knife Hand Block
  11. Knife Hand Attack
  12. Round House Kick
  13. Front Kick - Side Kick (combination)
  14. Reverse Punch
  15. Six Step

Mastering the basics is very difficult, because you can always execute moves faster, with more power, better focus, better balance, and with more control. One must always strive to go beyond their own limitations. Techniques are kept simple and direct, concentrating mostly on speed, power and focus.

The main moves in Tae Kwon Do are:

Side kick - striking with the heel of the foot.
Roundhouse kick - striking with the ball of the foot.
Front kick - striking with the ball of the foot.
Punching - lead hand punch and reverse punches.

Strong Blocking is a must.

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